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The Adventure Race Japan is designed to provide individuals and teams with an opportunity to test their physical and mental limits, teamwork, and provide an adventure that they will talk about for years afterwards, (or until the next one!).

Whether you decide to take on the Black Dragon Race or Green Dragon Race you will need to follow a training programme so that you gain maximum benefit from the event.

We would recommend seeking professional advice from a personal trainer or someone who has done these events before. You can do this as an individual, or as a team. It is best to ensure that your pre-race training programme takes into consideration your current fitness level, schedule, training preferences, and crucially, the time you have available to train before the race.

We have the following tips to keep in mind:
  • Cardio: Incorporate your cardio activity of choice into your weekly routine – ensure that it raises your heart rate.
  • Endurance: Build up your endurance over time and try to train on rough/uneven terrain to build up resilience. Long distance walking and running takes time to find flow, good form, and to build fitness and strength.
  • Improvement in strength and stamina: weight or bodyweight training is important to build your core strength and stamina, which will support you in the obstacles and water challenge. Exercises that build strength around your joints will also support you when walking or running over uneven terrain and will help to prevent injuries.
  • Recovery Time: Allow your body the chance to adapt and recover.
  • Flexibility – Stretching is a very important part of your training – do not miss this out – as it will prevent injuries (even mild ones) and aid your body’s recovery.
  • Enjoy the journey!
Work Together:
  • Set a target and create a plan.
  • Create accountability, whether that is by training together, or just checking in over WhatsApp if you are not based in the same region or country.
  • Try to train together before the race if possible, so that you can see how you work together as a team -your different fitness, strength, and endurance abilities.
  • Track your progress so you can see your improvements every day.
  • Get your family, friends and colleagues involved… the more people there are rooting for you, the easier your challenge will be!
  • Inspire, connect, and have fun!
Additional Tips:
  • Break in the hiking boots or (trail) trainers in advance of the event.
  • Test any new equipment you will be bringing on the course (such as hiking bags and hydration packs).