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The Izu Peninsula is known for its Onsen, beautiful coastlines, and panoramic mountainous views, the highlight of which is Mount Fuji which lies about 50 kilometers to the north and can be viewed from the peninsulas western coast.

Located about 100 kilometers southwest of Tokyo, Izu is well connected to the capital by train, a journey that takes between 2.5 – 3 hours from the airport.

The Izu Marriot Hotel Shuzenji is a luxury spa hotel, nestled amongst a forest haven with beautiful trees and deer, all in sight of Mount Fuji. The hotel is in a relaxing location 15 minutes’ drive from the busy city of Izu.

We will have exclusive use of the hotel where we will host three of the networking diners that will take place over the challenge event weekend. There will be other opportunities to share a well-deserved beer along the trail, which we will leave as a surprise.

Things to see

If you feel so inclined the local area has a plethora of attractions including Onsen, The Shuzenji Temple and the Bamboo Forest. Laforet Golf Club is adjacent to the hotel.